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Bitterroot Home Keepers

We customize a plan to fit your needs.

Caring for a home is tough business! Maintaining a second home is even more of a challenge. Houses are meant to be lived in. A check up and walk through is sometimes all it takes to catch a potential problem, and most importantly, to catch it before it turns into a costly problem. We provide detailed house checks based on your concerns, and handle any other issues that could arise. It only takes a wind storm and a tree branch to open your home to the elements and the opportunistic critters that will soon make your home theirs. One leaky pipe can turn into thousands of dollars in repairs. Our job is to be there when you can’t, prevent or find a problem, and get it fixed and cleaned up. It’s peace of mind and someone reliable to count on. Give us a call and let us be your trusted home keepers while you are away.

Give us a call or send us an email. Let us set up a plan for your peace of mind


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